Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Audrey urban legend

hairband/bangle: Clairs, dress, leather jacket, purse/: H&M, tights: YSL,  Shoes: Zalando, sunglasses: Pierre Cardin,

Today I got me some Audrey Hepburn-Look. It's not that I tried to impersonate her...I just let me inspire from Audreys style, without trying to look exactly like her (Not that its even possible)... U know, this iconic big hair, cat-eye and classic black was important for me to do it in a modern I mixed the modern and vintage elements and voila...this is the result, how Audrey would probably look like in 2012 ...
PS: A big inspiration and help was also this video from the brigitte dale vblog:


thank you for your honest, subjective and rad comment :)